Product Description

If you live in a historic district, or you are renting your property, insurance is the main guarantee of your peace. For the apartment or private property located in an old district Aldagi offers special conditions.

You can insure:

  • Construction elements (carcass)
  • Interior cladding (renovation)
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Other household objects
Additional Information
Policy includes

Explosion - if the insured property is damaged by a gas stove or gas heater used for house heating, these expenses are covered by the insurance.

Lightning Strike

If the insured property is damaged by a giant natural electric discharge, all the expenses will be covered by the insurance.


If the insured property is damaged by a fire at home and an open fire, all the expenses caused by the fire will be covered.


The loss is refunded in case it is caused by burglary, robbery or vandalism

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