Product Description

Employees’ Mandatory PA Insurance provides financial protection for the employer and the injured party. 

If the accident causes disability or death of the insured person, Aldagi pays the insurance compensation to the insured employee or their family member.

The amount of compensation will be determined in accordance with the previously agreed limit.

Since 2019, by the decision of the Government of Georgia, insurance has become mandatory for employers to provide compulsory accident insurance for employees performing hazardous work.

Purchase of Compulsory Insurance has become mandatory for all legal entities, including self-employed persons who were granted the status of a high-risk work performer according to the Government Resolution of July 27, 2018.

Employees’ insurance is an additional benefit offered by an employer that provides an increased employee satisfaction. 

In the framework of Employees’ Mandatory PA Insurance, Aldagi offers an accident insurance that fully complies with the requirements of the law.

According to the coverage required by the government decree, an accident in the insurance area/work place will be considered as an insurance event. 

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