Property Insurance

To avoid the unexpected expenses and major discomfort choose a better insurance policy for your home and continue to live in peace.Explore insurance for your apartment, house or country house

Property Insurance
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Fire Insurance

Insure your home against fire for 50 gel per year.

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Additional Information

What can you insure under property insurance?

  • Construction elements (carcass)

  • Interior cladding (renovation)

  • Household engineering equipment

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Other household objects

  • Mobile Devices


What kinds of risks exist and what is covered?

  • Fire - in case the insured property is damaged by the open fire in the house the expenses caused by the fire will be covered.

  • Flood - expenses caused by a sudden disruption of the water supply system will be covered by the insurance. 

  • Natural disasters - if the damage of the insured property is caused by an earthquake, storm, hurricane, hail, flood, lightning strike, landslide, avalanches and snowfall,  according to the policy Aldagi will cover the expenses caused by natural disasters.

  • Explosion - if the insured property is damaged by a gas stove or gas heater used for house heating, these expenses will be covered by the insurance.

  • Thievery - the loss is refunded in case it is caused by burglary, robbery or vandalism.


What does Neighbour Liability Insurance mean?

Neighbour Liability Insurance is the additional coverage of the damage caused to the third party’s property by fire, explosion or damage of the water supply system (flood) in your home.


How should I act in case of an accident?

  • You should immediately report the accident by calling the hotline - 0 322 444 999

  • Inform the emergency operative management centre or any other competent authority about the accident.