Your ID card or passport, car technical passport, VIN code, your car photos 

In case of car accident call the Aldagi call center (+995 32 2 444 999) and the police (112)

A Third Party is any person who is not a driver or car owner or insurer and does not participate in the legal relationship arising between you and the insurer. According to this definition, the third party cannot be considered as an authorized driver, insured car passengers, family members and first-degree relatives, employees or subordinates. 

If you sell a car, the car insurance will not be active any more. It is important that you inform the company about selling a car.

If the car insured by Aldagi is damaged, and the guilty party is not you / authorized driver, Aldagi will fully reimburse the damage. Additionally, the insurer has the right to request the sum reimbursed from the guilty party

The whole premium shall be paid no matter is there any amount reimbursed by the insurer or not 

The insurer does not reimburse the police fine. Only the amount of loss is subject to reimbursement

Earned Insurance Premium - Proportional amount of the insurance premium for the period of time from the beginning of the insurance period to a specific date during the insurance period

For example: Let's say your paid annual premium is $ 400. On the 6th month of the insurance period you decide to cancel the insurance contract. In this case, it turns out that your insurance was valid for 6 months and the insurer would reimburse you if necessary, so the insurer will not return the premium for the passed 6 months (it has already earned $ 200). 

Since you want to cancel your insurance contract and your insurance will no longer be valid for the next 6 months, it is possible to get the proportional amount of insurance premium back. 


With Aldagi insurance rates system, $ 2500 is the minimal sum insured for the cars. Therefore, if your car costs less than $2500, we will insure the car at the market price, though you will pay the car premium appropriate for the $ 2500 sum insured. 

In case of a partial loss, when the car is insured for less than its market value and the portion of the loss that is insured is insured at the market value. For example, a $ 10,000 vehicle is insured for $ 5,000 (that is, 50% of the market value). If the loss is $ 2,000, then $ 1,000 will be reimbursed (50% of $ 2,000), and if the insurer has purchased a franchise product, the reimbursable amount of the franchise will also be reduced.