Auto Insurance

While driving the road is full of surprises. You can protect your finances and use 24 hours auto assistant by insuring your car. In case of a car accident, car insurance will help you to repair or change damaged parts of the car and give you the opportunity to return to your normal life in the shortest time.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance

Insurance specially designed for your car

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Liability insurance

Third Party Liability Insurance

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What does Aldagi’s 24 hour Auto Assistant Service include?

  • Tyre inflation or replacement (in case a spare tyre is available) 

  • Solving small technical problems on site.

  • Accumulator Charging

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Vehicle Recovery Service in Tbilisi and within 20 km radius from Tbilisi

  • Vehicle Recovery Service in Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti, Zugdidi, Gori, Telavi  and within 10 km radius from this cities. 


What cases are covered? 

  • In case a car accident happened through your fault and the second party claims that the damage is too big, Aldagi will cover the expenses caused by a car accident.

  • If you accidentally damage your own car, for example: in case of sliding on the frostbitten road some of the car parts are damaged and the car needs repair, Aldagi will cover the expenses defined in the policy.

  • In case your car’s roof, or any other part is accidentally damaged by hail, according to the insurance policy you will receive reimbursement for the expenses caused by natural phenomena.

  • In case the driver and passengers are injured as a result of a car accident, Aldagi will cover the expenses caused by the car accident. 

Together with these cases, car insurance by Aldagi includes the following risks: total or partial damage in case of a car accident, fire, explosion, vandalism, natural disasters, theft, robbery, banditry, falling objects. Additionally, you can also buy Auto Liability Insurance and Driver’s and Passenger's Liability Insurance. 


What is the Auto Liability Insurance? 

By buying Third Party Liability Insurance you have the opportunity to avoid the coverage of the property or physical damage costs of the third party caused by a car accident. Your liability will be insured only in case you drive your own car. Car owner’s liability to a third party will be covered by the insurance policy:        

  • If the driver caused health damage of the third party.

  • If the third party’s property is damaged.


What does the Driver and Passenger Insurance include?

With the driver and passenger policy your and your passengers’ health and life are insured in case of an accident. With this insurance you will be able to protect yourself from the unexpected expenses.


How should I act in case of a car accident?

  • You should immediately report an accident by calling the hotline - 0 322 444 999

  • Inform the emergency operative management centre about the accident.