Product Description

Aldagi offers liability insurance for your company as an employer. This policy provides financial protection for the employee and the employer.

Employer’s liability might occur upon request of a company’s employee or a member of their family in the event of a company employee's injury or death. The policy also covers expenses caused by litigation.

The object and subject of the insurance

According to the legislation of Georgia, the object of the employer liability insurance is the civil liability imposed on the employer. The employer is obliged to reimburse for the damage caused to the health or life of the employee during the work process as a result of maiming or other injury.

The employer's liability in case of insurance policy will be considered as insurance and will cover the damage caused to the health, life or property of the employee as a result of an accident during the performance of their official duties.

The accident shall be defined as follows:

  • Damage to life or health caused by work-related injuries, severe poisoning, heat stroke, falls, explosions, accidents, building demolitions, and other emergencies that clearly indicate an employer's liability. 

  • The damage or demolition of private property which is caused by fire, explosion, mechanical damage, illegal actions from the third party or / and guilty action which is directly connected to the work process.

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