Aldagi - 5 Ways to Reduce Car Maintenance Costs
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Buying a car is a big and exciting event in everyone's life, but such a purchase is followed by new challenges. We need a new income planning to make provisions for our car fuel, safety, accessories, and more. During the process, we find out that the costs have greatly increased and in general, maintaining a car can be quite expensive.

Let's think, why is car maintenance so expensive? In fact, the costs we incur are often directly proportional to how we maintain our car. If we do not avoid bad roads, do not replace parts on time, or tank up our car with poor quality fuel, the costs will increase.

The reason why a car “gets sick” is because we want to save money or postpone expenses, but if you choose the right partner and service, there are ways to help reduce the expenses. Aldagi is such a partner.

1) Car Insurance

When we think about the unnecessary costs associated with a car, what do we remember in the first place? - Of course, the loss caused by a physical damage to the vehicle. In view of such cases, we must first of all start with the car insurance.

The insurance policy gives us guarantees that our risks will be covered in different cases and that a friendly company will cover the damages. In this regard, Aldagi has the most customer-friendly service, which actually works in every possible way and avoids unnecessary costs for drivers. These include traffic accidents, fires or explosions, theft, robbery and burglary, vandalism, natural disasters, hail and earthquakes, falling objects and more.

However, this is not the only benefit that car insurance will bring.

2) Technical inspection voucher

Car maintenance costs need to be taken into consideration. Periodically, we all need to go through tech. inspection and obtain the appropriate certificate to drive safely.

If you purchase car insurance from Aldagi, you will receive a free tech inspection voucher from Greenway. 

3) Fuel Voucher

Of course, car owners are well reminded that the most significant costs are the money paid for fuel, which we will not be able to avoid until all the current cars are replaced by electric cars, and what should we do until the world comes to this day?

If we insure cars with Aldagi, we will get instant fuel discounts of 15 and 12 tetri at SOCAR and Wissol gas stations. This means that our day-to-day expenses will be significantly reduced and no amount of car maintenance costs will be disastrous.

4) Car wash service voucher

Among the "invisible" costs of car owners is the cost of car washing. Think about it, how many times per month do you take your car to a car wash? If you do it quite often, then after buying Aldagi car insurance, the costs can be reduced by 50%. And if you do it rarely, now you have a reason to wash it when the cost is actually reduced by half.

5) Discounts on products and services

In order to pass a technical inspection successfully, it is necessary to prepare our car for it in advance. Some of us need to change tyres, some need to change brake pads and suspension, and some of us need to fix the exhaust. A lot of money is spent on these procedures, which is no news to any driver.


Aldagi Car Insurance owners have a 15-20% discount on the full range of products and services at Amboli and Vianor chains, enabling them to make huge savings in car maintenance. Imagine if one part of the car costs 100 Gel and the other part costs 200 Gel, it is possible to save up to 60 Gel when replacing both parts.


In a word, the accompanying gifts of Aldagi car insurance can significantly reduce your car maintenance costs, let’s seize the opportunity and always drive through the green lights!