Product Description

Aldagi’s Guarantee Insurance is a guarantee of your business’s financial stability

Guarantee Insurance is an insurance product dedicated to all companies which regularly participate in tenders and execute contracts which require a security.

Aldagi will provide you with a document confirming that in case of non-fulfillment of obligations undertaken by your company, the insurance company will pay the amount of financial risk incurred.

The guarantee enables execution of several contracts at the same time without having to block monetary resources and, thus, it improves the company’s financial liquidity and increases its credibility to business partners. It facilitates and, in many cases, constitutes a prerequisite for conclusion of the contract with the business partner.

Bid Bond Guarantee

The parties interested in participating in the tender are obliged to submit a bid for the tender. The purpose of the guarantee is to regulate the case when the winning bidder, due to various circumstances, refuses to fulfill his obligations.

Contract Fulfillment Guarantee

Ensures the timely fulfillment of obligations under the contract and on pre-determined terms.

Advance Payment Guarantee 

The advance payment guarantee ensures the return of the amount issued in advance if the executor has failed to fulfill his obligations under the contract.

Payment Guarantee

Regulates the fulfillment of obligations between the buyer and the seller if the amount of goods / services provided has not been timely paid.

Quality guarantee

Ensures the elimination of possible defects arising after the fulfillment of the obligations under the contract.

Tax Guarantee (Customs guarantee)

Ensures the fulfillment of the obligations of paying the established customs duties and paying the fees in case of violation of the requirements of various customs regimes.

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