Product Description

Aldagi offers an exclusive product one time use insurance of your liability arising according to CMR convention while you, as carrier, carry out international or domestic carriage of goods by road.

This policy will help you to fulfill your obligations under the contract concluded with a specific customer.


Policy advantages

  • Policy can be acquired based on the online application and premium payment
  • Policy can be acquired from any place of the world immediately upon request of the customer for carrier’s liability insurance
  • Policy provides one time coverage per each carriage
  • Minimal deductible
  • Low rates and best terms



This insurance covers loss:

  • Caused by arising of insured’s liability resulting from damage, destruction or loss of container itself
  • Caused by arising of insured’s liability according to CMR convention, resulting from direct physical damage to the cargo whilst performing international or domestic carriage

Indemnification is determined by actual loss incurred due to damage or destruction of the cargo.


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