Product Description

Business related insurance from Aldagi ensures the continuity of your business in case of various unforeseen events.
Any business activity is related to different types of risks. Aldagi team will help you to identify and properly assess your risks and apply tailor made insurance against them.

  • Property Insurance 
    Property insurance provides you with financial protection in case if your property is damaged or destroyed.
  • Motor Insurance 
    You can insure your corporate vehicles against a number of risks, for example: loss of or damage to the insured vehicle or its parts; fire, explosion; natural disaster, vandalism, theft, burglary, robbery.
  • General Third Party Liability Insurance 
    This insurance shall indemnify you for those sums for which you become legally liable to pay for compensation as a result of bodily injury to third parties or damage to property belonging to third parties caused by your ordinary activities. 
  • Employee Benefit-Exclusive product from Aldagi 
    Under this insurance your employee will be able to obtain significant financial support in case of his/her serious health problem (critical illness). Besides of critical illness coverage, this Product combines life and disability insurance.
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