Where can I have a vacation under the auto insurance promotion?
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Please view the list of hotels you can choose to stay under the car insurance promotion:

Heshkeli Huts in Svaneti - in Heshkeli village, 1900 metres above the sea level, 6.5 km from Mestia there are 2 beautiful views opening from Heshkeli Huts, Laila ridge and Ushba Peak.

CloudBase Hut, Svaneti  - a cottage located on the way to Koruldi lakes in Mestia, 2300 metres above the sea level is focused on Georgian and foreign customers who are attracted by long impassable trails and love snowboarding or skiing along the endless terrains. The cottage is run by a 24 year old local Niko Faliani, who built it in the place of a little hut which his grandfather had left. 

Fifth Season (Juta, Kazbegi) 
Fifth season is a mountain tourist center located in Kazbegi Region, Juta village, 2360 metres above the sea level, with the best view of the Tchaukhi Valley. There is a coffee bar on its territory with a unique local Khevsurian (and not only) cuisine and amazing camping sites. For those who love mountains and active leisure there are also horse riding activities and various kinds of entertainment.

Camp Zeta (Juta, Kazbegi) - Camp “Zeta” is located in Kazbegi Region, Juta village, 2300 metres above sea level, 200 km from Tbilisi, where guests can enjoy the intact wild nature. 
The camp territory is well equipped (electricity, cold and hot water). There is a 900 metre trail from Juta village to “Zeta”.

Arabian Art House (Korsha, Khevsureti) - Traditional cultural centre/workshop is located in a very interesting and rich spot, both culturally and ethnographically, in Khevsureti. Its function is to research, learn, save and develop the intangible cultural heritage in Khevsureti, as well as to make it well known among the tourists visiting this place.

Chemodani (Kazbegi) - The hotel is located in low Stepantsminda. With the beautiful stained glass views of Gergeti, it has balconies and offers its customers a comfortable environment to relax.

Garemo (Racha) - Twin sisters - Mirandukht and Tamar Davituliani, together with Valeri Sukhiashvili, opened “Garemo” hostel in Ambroulauri region, Sadmeli village, which is located at a distance of 2 km from Ambroulauri Centre and 4 km from the airport. 

Hotel (Tusheti) - The hotel is located in the beautiful corner of Georgia - Tusheti, in Omalo. The hotel is famous for its views, hospitality and delicious dishes.

Khis Sakhli (Bakhmaro) - a wooden cottage in Bakhmaro with its own yard and terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful nature.

Metekhara (Racha) - The hotel is located in Ambrolauri, close to the centre, by the river, with the best views possible. It has a beautiful big garden with places for rest and an open swimming pool.

Green Hotel in Abastumani - It gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy the fresh healthy air of the resort and the views of the Meskheti Range.

Hotel Brigete (Kakheti) - The hotel is a 5 minute drive from the Sighnaghi fortress. The hotel location allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the city, the Caucasus and the Alazani Valley.

Shale (Mestia, Svaneti) - The hotel is in the centre of Mestia, just 200 meters from Seti (the main square of the town).

Hotel Old House (Mestia, Svaneti) - The hotel is in a 17-minute walk from the Museum of History and Ethnography, itl has a yard and a terrace.

Chateau Mere (Kakheti) - Chateau is a three-storey mansion built of stone and with a large stone fence, wooden balconies and four towers that provide a breathtaking view of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley.

Vardzia Resort (Vardzia) - The hotel allows the visitor to go on a virtual journey to the twelfth century Georgia, it offers the best blend of ancient history and modern tourist infrastructure.