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Insurance company Aldag offers instant compensation for small damages to auto insurance users. With the new standard introduced in the company, in case of minor damage to the car, the car owner can apply to the company and receive the necessary amount for repairing the car in one day.

With the quick payment procedure, the user makes a call to the call center, after which the amount to be reimbursed is approved remotely, based on photographs, and it is credited to the user's account in one day.

The new format of quick adjustment of Aldag is relevant if the collision is one-sided, that is, there is no damage to someone else's property and the damage does not exceed 2000 GEL. In addition, the user is ready to repair the car at his own discretion. The advantage of the service is that after the accident, the user does not have to park the vehicle for a long time at the scene of the accident and go through standard procedures. Aldag's support team will assist him remotely by sharing a photo of the damage and getting the offered amount into his account.

"According to Aldagi's experience, most of the traffic accidents end with minor injuries. Our goal is that at such a time, our policyholders no longer have to go through standard procedures and get more comfort in terms of time saving and efficiency," the company says.

Aldag auto insurance covers all possible risks that may accompany car ownership: traffic accident, external damage, natural disasters (hail, earthquake), vandalism, theft, robbery, fire, etc. Aldag auto insurance also comes with third party liability insurance, which will protect the driver from unforeseen expenses even if he damages someone else's car, which means that Aldag will also cover the costs of restoring the third party's car.

"Aldag reacts to minor damages as quickly as possible and compensates you on the same day - we wanted to say this with the help of the video we created for Aldag.

As the main insight of the video, we used obscene words, the first reaction of drivers during a traffic accident. "The steering wheel knows how to swear", "you will also sit behind the wheel and see" - these phrases confirm that the first reaction of drivers during traffic accidents is often swearing.

The message "faster than toooo" shows well that Aldag reacts faster to the driver's profanity and drivers can feel safe and refrain from using profanity while driving.

As for the filming process, we could not protect ourselves only from the weather.

There was sun, wind, snow, and rain, but that didn't stop us and we ended up with a pretty fun video," Kraken Team.