Product Description

We offer a complete insurance product tailored exclusively for micro and small business.

Insure your business from 150 gel per year and enjoy special conditions at Aldagi.

Product advantages:

  • Unprecedentedly low rate
  • The best insurance terms and conditions
  • Minimum deductible

Subject to property insurance

  • Different directions of micro and small business:
  • Shop / Market / Pharmacყ
  • Office / Small enterprise / Warehouse
  • Cafe / Bar / Restaurant
  • Hostel
  • Car service center
  • Beauty salon / Aesthetic medicine center
  • Medical supplies

Different types of property:

  • Repair / Interior decoration
  • Content / Inventory
  • (Furniture / Computer equipment / Devices / Office equipment and other)
  • Commodity supplies
  • (Ready / Stored / Products for sale)

Your property will be insured against the following risks:

  • Fire, Explosion, Lightning
  • Car crash
  • Sudden and unexpected breakdown of water-supply system
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Storm, Tempest, Snow squall
  • Landslide, Fall of rocks
  • Robbery, Burglary, Vandalism
  • Illegal acts of the third party
  • Falling aircraft

Stock & Inventory insurance

Subject to insurance

  • Production supplies
    (raw materials, materials and other components needed for production)
  • Commodity supplies
    (ready / stored / products for sale)

In case of loss the financial responsibility of Aldagi is determined according to the sum insured indicated in the insurance contract. The sum insured should not be more than a real value of the property/stock & inventory. 

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