Product Description

Aldagi offers you property insurance, stock & inventory insurance, machinery insurance and insurance of other valuable tangible assets.
Insurance policy provides you with financial protection from critical situations. Financial damage caused by unexpected cases might cause serious damage to your company. The best way to avoid this kind of trouble is to have a property insurance policy as a risk management mechanism.


Subject to Property Insurance
Different directions of business sectors:

  • Office spaces (banks, business centres)
  • Hotels, shops, shopping malls
  • Educational institutions, clinics
  • Petrol stations, oil terminals
  • Enterprises, factories, workshops and more

Different types of property:

  • Buildings, machinery and equipment, production lines, agricultural equipments
  • Data communications equipment, high-voltage gear and other production and technical equipment
  • Home appliances, furniture & more (electrical appliances, computers & more)
  • Stocks, architectural and construction objects, coverings (window glasses, mirrors, shop windows and more)


Your property will be insured against the following risks:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning
  • Falling aircraft
  • Car crash
  • Sudden and unexpected breakdown of water-supply system
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Storm, tempest, snow squall
  • Landslide, fall of rocks
  • Robbery, burglary, vandalism


Business interruption insurance indemnifies the insured losses caused by the inability to carry on business in case of insured property’s damage and/or destruction with the covered risk of the property insurance policy. All mentioned additional covers can be purchased only with the property insurance policy.

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Insurance is the best way to protect your finances