Product Description

Cattle Insurance for farming companies.

Insure your cattle against the following risks:

  • Transport Crash
  • Traumatic injuries caused by exposure to other cattle 
  • Wounds 
  • Death due to hernia and complicated delivery
  • Death due to natural Disasters
  • Fire
  • Lightning Strike
  • Floods 
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Traumatic Pericarditis
  • Tympania 
  • Accidental choking/asphyxiation
  • Falling from height
  • Killed by wild animals
  • Thievery, in case a guilty person is convicted

The Policy makes provisions for the insurance of cattle from 8 months to 8 years old. The damage to the farmer which was caused by the death of the cattle will be covered according to the terms of the insurance.

You can buy one of the two one-year policies provided:

  • 400 gel reimbursement limit for 40 gel
  • 500 gel reimbursement limit for 60 gel

It is possible to create an individual insurance package which is designed specially for your company’s coverage needs.

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