Product Description

Car insurance is the best way to protect your finances from the unexpected expenses caused by a car.

Car insurance covers:

  • Total damage caused by a road accident
  • Fire, explosion, vandalism
  • Natural Disaster
  • Theft, robbery, banditry
  • Partial damage caused by road accident
  • Free vehicle recovery service in case of a road accident.
  • 24 hour auto assistance
  • Insurance with the zero franchise.      
  •    Unlimited  number of authorised drivers 

You can additionally  buy:      

Car Liability insurance   

If the car accident is caused through your fault, you are responsible for the losses of the injured party caused by this accident.

Car Liability Insurance protects from the injured party’s:

  • Health, loss of income, or funeral costs.
  • Property damage costs, including car repair or replacement

Driver and Passengers Insurance

With the Driver and Passengers Policy your and your passengers’ health and life are insured. With this insurance you can protect yourself from the unexpected expenses.

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Insurance is the best way to protect your finances
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